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Reuse on Replay: Straight Talk with Circular Thinkers

Experts and thought leaders from around the reusable packaging industry discuss the circular economy, sustainability, reusable packaging implementation, and other timely topics. Hosted by the Reusable Packaging Association.

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Episode Guide

Season 3. Ep 6: A Smarter, Technology-Driven Supply Chain with Reusable Packaging Systems

Rob Franzo, Committee Chair of the RPA Technology Working Group and Consultant for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., sits down with Todd Hoff, Executive VP of Member Programs for RPA, to discuss the recent update to the Smarter, Technology-Driven Supply Chain with Reusable Packaging Systems white paper (previously published in 2019), given the considerable acceleration in developing and adopting technologies aimed at automatic identification, monitoring, and tracking of Reusable Transport Packaging (RTP) assets throughout the supply chain.

Season 3. Ep 5: Investment Climate for Sustainable Companies with Reusable Packaging Systems

In this podcast, panel moderator Ben Stoller, CEO of Paxxal, is joined by industry experts Kevin Mazula, CEO of RM2; Shawn Stockman, VP of Sustainability for Onepak; and David Kruger, President of TriEnda, in a discussion about the investment climate for sustainable companies with reusable packaging systems.

Season 3. Ep 4: What’s the Hidden Value of Tracing Your RTIs and Their Contents at Scale?

John DiPalo, Chief Strategy officer at ACSIS, Inc. joins Tim Debus to introduce the company’s cloud platform which offers end-to-end asset and inventory traceability across supply chains. They discuss the benefits and hidden value that can be realized by enlightening business operations.

Season 3. Ep 3: Improving RTP Identification and Branding with Polymer Fusion Labeling

Marty Mares, VP of Branding and Commercial Development for Polyfuze Graphics, joins Tim Debus to discuss Polyfuze’s innovative plastic fusion labeling technology, which aids the function and management of reusable plastic packaging through improved identification and branding.

Season 3. Ep 2: A Conversation with The Kroger Company About their Sustainable Packaging Goals

Tim Debus, President & CEO of RPA discusses The Kroger Company’s sustainable packaging goals with Andrea Jesudian, Product Manager, Kroger Technology & Digital at the 2022 PACK EXPO Reusable Packaging Learning Center hosted by the Reusable Packaging Association.

Season 3. Ep 1: State of the Industry – Why Reusable Packaging for Supply Chains Is Business Critical Today

Hear the State of the Reusable Packaging Industry address from Tim Debus, President and CEO of RPA, given at the 2022 PACK EXPO Reusable Packaging Learning Center hosted by the Reusable Packaging Association.

Season 2. Ep 9: Getting Searious about Eliminating Plastic Pollution in Oceans by Helping Businesses Succeed with Reusable Packaging

Willemijn Peeters, Founder and Director of the enterprise consulting firm Searious Business, joins Tim Debus to talk about the company’s mission to prevent plastic pollution in the environment, and its work in partnering with leading brands to design and implement plastic recovery systems including reusable packaging models. The experience of the team, from numerous projects worldwide, offers clients unique insights and problem-solving capabilities that are leading the way in sustainability.

Season 2. Ep 8: Overcome Barriers to Managing Reusable Transport Packaging Assets Through a Single Online Platform Solution

Anna Valkenburg, Channel Manager for TrackOnline, joins Tim Debus to discuss common challenges to asset management and how TrackOnline answers these problems through the company’s online returnable packaging management technology.

Season 2, Episode 7: Making Packaging Too Good to Waste: Manufacturing at the Forefront of Sustainability

Britta Wyss Bisang, Global Sustainability Director for Schoeller Allibert, joins Tim Debus to discuss the company’s sustainability strategy, completed in January 2022, and viewpoints on sustainability in the broader reusable packaging industry.

Season 2, Episode 6: The Pursuit of Sustainable Supply Chains: How Integrating Technology in Reusable Packaging Reduces Environmental Impacts

Surgere’s Rob Fink, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, and Mike Jett, Global Director of Supply Chain, join Tim Debus to discuss how Surgere’s technology solutions enable users to achieve complete visibility of the location and movement of goods, enabling the efficient management of product inventories, like reusable packaging, in the reduction of operational waste and environmental impact.

Season 2, Episode 5: Responding to Today’s Market Demands: How iGPS Works Closely with Customers to Keep Products Moving in a Fast-Changing Operating Environment

Jeff Pepperworth, President & CEO of iGPS Logistics, joins Tim Debus to share his career background. Jeff draws from extensive experience in supply chain logistics to provide insight into navigating disruptions and market changes from Covid-19, embracing technology and automation, and leading sustainability initiatives.

Season 2, Episode 4: The Making of a Smart Pallet: How Material, Construction, and Technology Choices Add Value to Reusable Packaging

Kevin Mazula, CEO of RM2 and Vice Chairman of RPA joins Hillary McCutcheon to discuss the company’s BLOCKPal pallet, whose unique material, design, and integrated technology show how reusable packaging can add value far beyond economics across the supply chain.

Season 2, Episode 3: Waste Prevention at the Local Level: How Helps Alameda County Reduce Its Environmental Impact

Michelle Fay, Program Manager for joins Tim Debus to showcase the environmental improvements that can be accomplished by optimizing resources at the local level. Since 1976, StopWaste has helped the 1.7 million residents of Alameda County, California, waste less, recycle properly, and use resources more effectively.

Season 2, Episode 2: The Impact of Corporate ESG Commitments on the Growth of Reusable Packaging

Ben Stoller, CEO of Paxxal and Chairman of the Board of the RPA joins Tim Debus to discuss the business case and operational requirements of reusable packaging systems, and how the increase in corporate commitments around environmental, social, and governance standards are shaping the industry.

Season 2, Episode 1: Looking Back and Looking Forward: The History and Promise of the Reuse

Rick LeBlanc, Editor of Reusable Packaging News at and recognized leader of the #reuserevolution joins Tim Debus to explore some history of the reusable packaging industry, discuss Rick’s career path, and some of the most prominent issues facing the industry today.

Season 1 Episode 5: Reusable Packaging and the Circular Economy

Breanna Herbert, Product Manager for ORBIS Corporation, joins Tim Debus to discuss the circular economy and how reusable packaging fits into this emerging economic and environmental paradigm.

Season 1 Episode 4: Packaging Innovation in a Rapidly Changing Automotive Market

Leslie LeMair, VP of Sales and Marketing for Georg Utz North America, joins RPA CEO Tim Debus to tell the story of the company’s innovative frame tray product line developed for their customer OSRAM Continental, and discuss trends in automotive packaging in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Season 1 Episode 3: Accelerating the Circular Economy with Real-Time Product Trackability and Visibility

In this episode, Steve Statler, SVP of Marketing for Wiliot, joins RPA CMO Hillary McCutcheon to discuss the company’s cloud platform and IoT Pixel technology – computers the size of a postage stamp – which provide real-time tracking and visibility into the movement and condition of goods throughout the supply chain, on reusable packaging as small as a bottle or as large as a pallet or bulk bin.

Season 1 Episode 2: Reusable Packaging Tracking and Administration through a Blockchain Platform

RTI Blockchain co-founders Milou Klooster & Yves du Bios join RPA CEO Tim Debus to discuss the RTI dashboard and how the technology is enabling reusable packaging systems and creating new efficiencies in the marketplace.

Season 1 Episode 1: Product Traceability Through a Reusable Packaging Platform Panel Discussion

Reusable packaging experts join a panel discussion on the latest technology developments and applications with smart packaging for the supply chain and how technology available today is creating unit load and case level visibility for more efficient, resilient, and value-creating business operations. With guests Shawn Stockman, Vice President of Sustainability Solutions, OnePak; Scott Hurley, Vice President of Product Marketing & Corporate Strategy, Roambee; Tim Watson, CEO, SMART Logistics; and Scott Schwalbe, CEO, NimbeLink.