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Reusable Packaging for Perishables

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The type of transport packaging you select is a strategic decision. You need a supply chain system that ensures quality, reduces cost, enhances the customer experience, drives loyalty, is environmentally friendly, and contributes to profitable growth. Reusable Transport Packaging (RTP) delivers all that, and more.


End-to-end, and back again, utilizing RTP results in a lower cost and less wasteful supply chain that generates operational savings directly to the bottom line.


RTP protects product quality from point of production to point of sale. It can be used to attractively display both perishable and non-perishable foods at retail. RTP keeps products moving across the supply chain and through the cash register.


RTP optimizes your supply chain while reducing environmental impact. By preventing packaging waste instead of managing it, you can focus resources where they add market value and promote sales growth.

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The design and strength of RTP help protect against product damage in packing operations, transit, storage, replenishment, and at point of sale. Superior temperature management properties keep foods fresher longer.


RTP is designed to save time from start to finish. Standardized footprints, packing space, stacking compatibilities, ergonomic handling, one-touch replenishment, and easy folding and return of empty crates all add up to worker efficiencies and bottom line savings.


RTP is constructed of durable materials and designed to achieve multiple uses through rigorous operations and logistics systems. RTP is composed of recyclable materials that can be recovered, refurbished or re-manufactured for continuous use.


Companies are looking for supply chain solutions that combine efficiency with sustainability. With RTP, solid waste is prevented, and greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption are reduced. Focus shifts from waste management processes, like landfill and recycling, to category growth initiatives.

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Reusable Transport Packaging creates competitive advantage, contributes to topline growth and helps forge customer loyalty. Whether you are packing and transporting raw materials, commodities, ingredients or parts to facilities for the manufacture or processing of goods; moving fresh, perishable foods to retail for consumer purchase; or delivering online orders to your customers’ doorstep, RTP delivers quality, value, and an enhanced end-user experience.

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